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The Rupt du Mad sawmill is PEFC certified

What means PEFC ?

Facing increasing concern for responsible consumption, PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) campaigns for the sustainable development of forests thanks to an ambitious certification programme.

Pioneer of forest certification in France where it was created in 1999, PEFC France now represents 5 million hectares of forest certified, representing 78% of public forests and 14% of private forests.

PEFC France counts amongst its members 45,000 forest owners, and almost 2,500 firms in the forest-wood field (lumberjacks, sawmills, transformers, builders, merchants, artisans, distributors, papermakers, printers, editors, etc.). Together they bring to the consumer the guarantee that a product labelled PEFC originates from a sustainable forest management approach.

PEFC certification is the result of a process of cooperation between all the players of civil society who are concerned with sustainable forest management: producers, transformers and users.


PEFC certificate from the sawmill in Rupt du Mad

Authorisation to use the PEFC label

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The PEFC Council, based in Geneva, is the organisation embodying the PEFC programme at an international level. Present in 35 countries, PEFC is the premier source of certified wood in France and throughout the world.

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