The Scierie du Rupt de Mad (Rupt de Mad Sawmill) specializes in XXL solid oak parquet sheets from 80 mm to 380 mm wide and 4 metres long.

Choosing parquet

Why choose a solid wood parquet

Because it is the only parquet that is 100% natural (without addition of chemical products like adhesive, unlike laminated wood), nobler, more comfortable and most of all, more durable, with a significant layer for wear that enables several renovations. Finally, solid parquet provides a real added value to your real property.

However, laminated parquet provides stability and is easy to lay.

Choisir un parquet contre collé

En choisissant un parquet en contre collé, vous avez choisi un parquet stable, facile à poser qui vous permettra de choisir de grandes largeurs pouvant aller jusqu’à notre parquet XXL en 380 mm de large.

What type of laying?

On under-floor heating

On heating floors, the thickness of solid parquet should not be more than 15 mm. Above 15 mm the insulating power of wood will prevent your floor heating from diffusing normally Find out more

On sleepers

The thickness of parquet should be > 20 mm. Below this thickness, the strength is not guaranteed. Sleepers every 40 cm between the centre distances is recommended. Find out more

For adhesive laying

The thickness of the parquet is not important. 15 mm or 20 mm, solid or laminated parquets can be used. We recommend, whenever possible (solid support: covering, tile flooring, old floor) laying on a base. This very simple laying is 2 times faster and easier than laying with an adhesive.